Whisky reviews

I've been enjoying whisky lately and thought I'd try my hand at describing the flavours of a whisky in a classic review format.

My intent being to:

  • Describe a whisky in a way that reflects its taste
    • Using as little jargon as possible
  • Build my whisky flavour vocabulary
  • Build my own ability to notice the subleties of a whisky.

Review approach

My initial approach is to use a simplified version of Jim Murray's Approach (Nose, Taste, Finish, and Balance) as detailed in his Whisky Bible. My approach being to only consided Nose, Taste, and Finish, with the intent being to incorporate Balance over time and in subsequent reviews.

Oban 14

Whisky malt with slight sweetness and floral notes

Rich smooth malt flavour with some slight wood notes.

Smooth lingering mouthfeel, with mild peppery feel.

A strong smooth classic whisky taste.