Ghost comes with a nice default theme called Casper and also allows custom themes. I like the fundamentals of Casper. I would also like to make minor edits/customisations from time to time, which is not possible with the default Casper version.


I’d like to: 1) Edit the theme 2) Incorporate new Casper features as they’re released (which demonstrate new Ghost features) 3) Avoid rework

Strategy / Options

There are a few ways that this can be accomplished:

  • Take a static copy of Casper and make the edits I want. Ignoring future updates (achieves 2/3 goals)
  • Take a static copy of Casper and make the edits I want. Reapply the changes again with all future updates (achieves 2/3 goals)
  • Take a dynamic copy of Casper by forking (branching) the Casper github repository and make the edits I want. Merging all future Casper updates with my edits (achieves all goals)


Since the git forking option achieves all my goals, this is what will be implemented.

  1. Login to, or sign up for, a github account
  2. Fork the Casper repository
  3. Clone (copy) the forked repository to a local machine
  4. Setup a Ghost local install
  5. Make the edits desired
  6. Commit all the changes made to your (forked) repository
  7. Zip the theme files
  8. Upload the theme to my Ghost install

Closing thoughts

What should I call my theme? Libre Casper (for a bit of fun and to pay homage to the original). What licence should I apply to my theme? MIT license (I’ll copy the Casper license).